Source code for referencing.typing

Type-annotation related support for the referencing library.

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Protocol, TypeVar

    from import Mapping as Mapping

    Mapping[str, str]
except TypeError:  # pragma: no cover
    from typing import Mapping as Mapping

    from referencing._core import Resolved, Resolver, Resource

#: A URI which identifies a `Resource`.
URI = str

#: The type of documents within a registry.
D = TypeVar("D")

[docs] class Retrieve(Protocol[D]): """ A retrieval callable, usable within a `Registry` for resource retrieval. Does not make assumptions about where the resource might be coming from. """ def __call__(self, uri: URI) -> Resource[D]: """ Retrieve the resource with the given URI. Raise `referencing.exceptions.NoSuchResource` if you wish to indicate the retriever cannot lookup the given URI. """ ...
[docs] class Anchor(Protocol[D]): """ An anchor within a `Resource`. Beyond "simple" anchors, some specifications like JSON Schema's 2020 version have dynamic anchors. """ @property def name(self) -> str: """ Return the name of this anchor. """ ...
[docs] def resolve(self, resolver: Resolver[D]) -> Resolved[D]: """ Return the resource for this anchor. """ ...